A retro card

I’m not getting as much time as I would like to make a big batch of cards but often asked to make a special card. My dad has recently reconnected with someone he worked with in the past in the television industry (behind the camera!) and asked me to make him a card making reference to this shared history.

I googled “retro tv sets”, made a few preliminary sketches and came up with this hand drawn card. 


Washi tape

Sakura gel black pen

Sakura glitter pens

Pilot silver pen

Stabilo very fine brown fibre tip pen

Soft brown coloured pencil

Unfortunately when I was working on the card the black gel pen blobbed a bit, but actually in the end I left it as it added to the primitive look I was going for. I think the green, orange and brown palette added to the retro feel.

When you think back to the size of TVs back in those days and how wafer thin they are now, it’s staggering! I remember when we only had three channels and black and white! Now we can pretty much watch anything we want whenever we want to.  I’ve been poorly in bed today and caught up on so many programmes just lying in bed looking on my ipad! 

Nostalgia is all very well but as long as you have your battery charged and wifi signal, 2016 is so much better.

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