Celebrate with Washi Tape



 I LOVE Washi tape. 

As a crafter I struggle even with a guillotine to cut a straight line. I have issues with glue and the fiddly backing on double sided tape drives me crazy. Also once attached there is no opportunity to correct a wobbly line. But Washi tape gives me lovely clean lines and attaches and removes itself with ease to most surfaces.
In card making it is quick, effective and gives a sharp, clean, simple and straightforward appearance. It can be ripped by hand or cut with scissors.

I have been building up my Washi tape collection over the past few months.

For the uninitiated Washi tape is like sticky tape but less tacky, and made of paper. It is mostly translucent. It can be glittery, sparkly, spotty, lifted off and remixed if necessary. It is easy to work with and a relatively cheap crafting material. 

Using my gold collection, onto cream square card I made six horizontal stripes with v cuts at the end coming from either side of the card.

Using a very fine gold pen I wrote either “happy birthday” or “celebrate” as I thought this would make a splendid birthday card or more general celebration card.

On the envelope I made one strip of tape across the lower part just to bring card and envelope into harmony.

At a recent craft fair these cards sold out very quickly.  I’m glad everyone liked them as much as I do.

 I have since made more masculine ones using blue and silver Washi tapes and silver marker pen onto white card. If you are not an arty person but fancy a go at card making these would be a good place to start.  No skills required! 


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