A retro card

I’m not getting as much time as I would like to make a big batch of cards but often asked to make a special card. My dad has recently reconnected with someone he worked with in the past in the television industry (behind the camera!) and asked me to make him a card making reference to this shared history.

I googled “retro tv sets”, made a few preliminary sketches and came up with this hand drawn card. 


Washi tape

Sakura gel black pen

Sakura glitter pens

Pilot silver pen

Stabilo very fine brown fibre tip pen

Soft brown coloured pencil

Unfortunately when I was working on the card the black gel pen blobbed a bit, but actually in the end I left it as it added to the primitive look I was going for. I think the green, orange and brown palette added to the retro feel.

When you think back to the size of TVs back in those days and how wafer thin they are now, it’s staggering! I remember when we only had three channels and black and white! Now we can pretty much watch anything we want whenever we want to.  I’ve been poorly in bed today and caught up on so many programmes just lying in bed looking on my ipad! 

Nostalgia is all very well but as long as you have your battery charged and wifi signal, 2016 is so much better.

Celebrate with Washi Tape



 I LOVE Washi tape. 

As a crafter I struggle even with a guillotine to cut a straight line. I have issues with glue and the fiddly backing on double sided tape drives me crazy. Also once attached there is no opportunity to correct a wobbly line. But Washi tape gives me lovely clean lines and attaches and removes itself with ease to most surfaces.
In card making it is quick, effective and gives a sharp, clean, simple and straightforward appearance. It can be ripped by hand or cut with scissors.

I have been building up my Washi tape collection over the past few months.

For the uninitiated Washi tape is like sticky tape but less tacky, and made of paper. It is mostly translucent. It can be glittery, sparkly, spotty, lifted off and remixed if necessary. It is easy to work with and a relatively cheap crafting material. 

Using my gold collection, onto cream square card I made six horizontal stripes with v cuts at the end coming from either side of the card.

Using a very fine gold pen I wrote either “happy birthday” or “celebrate” as I thought this would make a splendid birthday card or more general celebration card.

On the envelope I made one strip of tape across the lower part just to bring card and envelope into harmony.

At a recent craft fair these cards sold out very quickly.  I’m glad everyone liked them as much as I do.

 I have since made more masculine ones using blue and silver Washi tapes and silver marker pen onto white card. If you are not an arty person but fancy a go at card making these would be a good place to start.  No skills required! 

Fur babies celebrate Mother’s Day

My friend has no human children of her own but has a wonderful expanding family of fur babies, currently three dogs and two cats. As a vetinary nurse she often fosters others overnight too. When I am on holidays she is always happy to keep an eye on my hens. 

For Mother’s Day I decided to make her a card on their behalf!

Using a paper collection from Lidl I matted and layered onto a pink polka dot card from my considerable collection of card blanks – fortunately there was a matching envelope. The inner mat was white card and I distressed the edges with antique pink ink.

Using various inks I fingerprinted heads for her dogs and cat heads and bodies. Added details for ears, tails and limbs as well as character giving eyes and wet noses and added their names just to make it really personal.

Finally I added her name, which as they say in all the best spy thrillers, I have redacted!

With my favourite and wonderful white ink pen I drew teeny tiny paw prints too!

Early on Sunday morning I popped it through her letter box Hopi none of the said fur babies would eat it before she got to it!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Pets bring out the very best feelings in most of us. As it said on the inside of the card “love is a four legged word”

She loved it!

Washi Tape Mother’s Day Card

Here in the UK it was Mother’s Day yesterday. This was a very pleasing card I made for my own mum. Very simple, clean, fresh and Spring like. And quick!

I rummaged in my box of cards and found this lovely mint green polka dot card, unfortunately here was no matching envelope.

I dug out silver and mint green washi tapes, ripped them into 2 1/2 inch strips and place them side by side vertically onto the card. Washi tape is so easy to use and can be very effective in its simplicity. I am trying to build up a collection of all sorts of colours and textures and buy it when I spot it in shops. I am particularly fond of the silver and black tiger stripe! It’s only draw back is that it is quite transparent and easily reveals whatever is behind it, in this case the spots.

I punched a scallop heart out of a square of white card, and made silver faux stitching round the edge. I attached it to the card with foam pads, over the top of the washi tape.

I wrote mum in mint green pen onto the corner of the white square, then attached a white flower decal with a green gem centre of the heart space.

I ruled a few card rctangles to make a Mother’s Day banner effect to place on the lower part of the card.

She loved it.

Taa daa!


Inspired by Suki

My crafty friend has recently added to her four legged fur baby family by taking in the most adorable and naughty dachshund collie cross who goes by the name of Suki.

Suki has inspired an anniversary commission card, using text from an old atlas, buttons, black and white spotty paper, all ripped into a cute dog shape.

Suki has a blue and and a brown eye, and that is reflected in my choice of button eyes.

She is holding a small tiny envelope, complete with golden heart for a special message of love.

If the really Suki got hold of it I expect it wouldn’t last too long. 

I was using up very old scraps of valentines papers a nod made heart bunting, which didn’t work on the outside of the card, so I placed it on the inside instead. 


Leave a little sparkle

A dear friend has moved to another country in the past month and only today have I had a chance to sit down and make him something for his new home and new life. 

I knew exactly what I was creating, using for the first time my American crafts chalkboard paper pad (12×12) which had a blank square surrounded by lovely preprinted chalkboard frame, got out my trusty Sakura glaze white pen, and a free sketching in a few lines to guide me wrote the following phrase –

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

Only instead of writing “sparkle” I cautiously paper cut the word and inserted silver card behind. It was hard to cut letters P,A,R as they have spaces on the inside. I overcame this by cutting little stars.

To embellish the sentiment I used tiny silver gems (very fiddly) and some silver stars. 

 I love chalk boarding and this was great fun. I think it looks good enough to send as a goodbye, thank you and best wishes for your glittering future to someone who has brought much sparkle, adventure and glamour to our lives over the past four years.  


Lady bird birthday

To celebrate my little niece’s birthday I cut some Tesco ladybird gift wrap to fit the face of the card. I trimmed it fairly roughly with pinking shears. Using the ladybird gift tag as a template I cut two green glitter leave shapes and mounted the leaves and the ladybird using 3D foam pads. I’m really into chalkboards so made a chalk board speech bubble again keeping to the template of the ladybird and wrote her name and age with the Sakura Glaze white pen I am so fond of.  I have experimented with other white pens but this one is very consistent with fairly thin nib and not too watery ink.

I found two red glitter hearts which were stuck into opposing corners. I didn’t want to put too much bling on in case she or her baby brother decided to pick them off and eat them!

Inside in black and red writing I wrote “happy birthday little lady”.

She will be celebrating her birthday in Spain on holiday at the weekend so I’d better get it into the post quickly!


a sweet card for a sweet little girl.

Using some very old pink fabric inspired card stock, I only had scraps so cut it into square blocks like patchwork to make the most of what I had. Thankfully it was double sided so that gave me extra options. I used stickers for her name from a Do Craft pack, found a sweet Holly Hobbie style button, photocopied some clip art daisies, coloured  them in, did a little bit of ink distressing and hey presto.

I love this. 



My chalk board file on Pinterest is huge. I love chalk boarding, the opportunity to make something striking and decorative,yet if you make a mistake you just rub it out and start again.

I was asked to do some chalk boarding for a really pretty rural wedding. Given the right chalk boarding pens, the text required and some decent sized boards, and plenty of time to think about it and plan ahead, I spent 6 very happy hours working at these boards, and everyone was delighted with the results.

I’m getting very fed up with WordPress. I cannot get any images to load. I don’t think it is my iPad as I have tried loading from my android phone and it is just the same.📱

Apologies.  Not much point in blogging without the photos.📷 Also the app keeps crashing……😡 I’ll get back to you!

Window Box

as well as having a son’s birthday next week, on the very same day it’s my mum’s birthday too. So more cards, for grandma, mum and wife (from my dad) all to be different. 

Mum is very into gardening so flowers are the easiest option. She loves pansies so I was delighted to find these stickers in the Pound Store. 

I have a window frame die cut that I’ve only used once, so gave it a go today. The idea was to make a window box with curtains behind and pansies and greenery on the front. 


The pansies on their own weren’t enough, I cut greenery from the Tilda Garden Party paper stock that I love so much, which I also used to make “curtains”. I used a very sharp craft knife to cut windows so you can see right through to the inside of the card, just like a real window.

Being very lazy I stuck a happy birthday peel- off on, but it looks terrible, at the risk of damaging the card I may well try to peel this off again.